About Us

Our Firm

Who we are
Fremman is a pan-European mid-market investment firm with offices in London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Munich and Paris. Our senior partners have a long history of working together, with over 100 years of combined investment experience, building one of Europe’s leading private equity funds.

What we do
We partner with successful and ambitious management teams to help transform businesses from local champions into multinational sustainable leaders.

Why we do it
We want to build better, more sustainable businesses that have a positive impact on society. We invest responsibly through considered management of people and resources, and our agile investment strategy is centred around our three core values: to assist, to promote, and to accomplish.

We seek to leverage the combination of our values, technical expertise and unparalleled network across Fremman’s core geographies to access unique investment opportunities. It is for this reason that we are consistently selected by management teams, entrepreneurs and/or their successors as their preferred partner

We operate a multi-sector strategy which is focused on providing strategic solutions in industries where we have significant prior experience, in particular, business and tech services, healthcare, consumer goods and services, and industrials.

We invest and partner with management teams that:

  • are looking to materially grow their businesses
  • require strategic capital and know-how to help expand their business internationally; and or
  • are seeking to generate value through market consolidation

Our Investment Strategy

Our Purpose and Values

Stewardship sits at the heart of our business, and we care deeply about investing ‘the right way’. For us this means generating optimal returns for our investors and leaving our portfolio companies, their employees and the communities around them better than before we were involved. Our ethos is that better values lead to better investments, which result in better returns.
That is why we chose to name ourselves Fremman, an old English verb that means to assist, to promote, and to accomplish:

  •     To assist: management teams to achieve their goals
  • To promote: sustainability and uphold the highest ethical principles and conduct
  •   To accomplish: strong financial returns and a better outcome for all stakeholders

We firmly believe that by taking a more responsible, fair and decent approach to private equity, we can both unlock interesting investment opportunities and drive increased and more sustainable long-term value.