Investment Date

July 2021




Madrid, Spain


Consumers Goods & Distribution



With more than 40 years track-record and engaged in growing, packing and commercialising citrus, melon and watermelon with 12-month product offering, The Natural Fruit Company (NF) is the #1 lemon and #2 orange player in Europe.

NF today controls approximately 4,500 hectares of plantations located across Spain, mainly oriented towards organic production. It operates ten packing facilities strategically placed in Spain and one logistics facility located in Perpignan (France), with a total processing capacity of over 600,000 tonnes of fruit per annum. The Group sells across several countries, with Germany (31%), France (19%), Poland (6%), Finland (4%) and Spain (24%) representing its largest markets. NF is one of the few selected suppliers of some key Tier 1 European retailers, providing top quality service. Most relevant clients include Rewe, Carrefour, Spar, Groupe Casino, Biedronka, Aldi, Edeka. NF’s vision is to improve our society’s quality standards by encouraging the consumption of healthy fruits, while protecting the planet.