Responsible Investing

Our convictions

Sustainability is one of the most significant challenges of our time and as a private equity firm Fremman considers that it has an important role to play. By promoting sustainability among portfolio company managers, and by assisting portfolio companies in becoming sustainable, we accomplish our duty to protect the Earth and foster a better society.

We want to build better, more sustainable businesses that have a positive impact on society.”

Responsible investing is critical to building sustainable businesses, and that is why Fremman puts ESG (Environment – Social – Governance) factors at the core of all activities. We aim to create value and wellbeing for our business partners, portfolio companies and their employees, our team and the community around us.

We firmly believe that an investment strategy built on a constructive vision and benevolent values leads to better investments,                                                                       which ultimately delivers better returns.”

Our commitments

Responsible investment

As a responsible investor, Fremman has integrated ESG into all stages of its investment process from acquisition through to exit.

Our ESG resources

In order to deliver its ESG strategy in a structured and efficient manner, Fremman has set up an ESG governance based on two bodies:

>A dedicated ESG team in charge of developing and implementing ESG initiatives at both a management company and portfolio company level.

>An ESG Committee, headed by the Head of ESG, comprising all eight Partners of the firm. The ESG Committee meets once a month and on an ad-hoc basis as and when an investment opportunity requires it. The role of the ESG Committee is to discuss the ESG strategy and ESG initiatives presented by the ESG Team; and as required, assess investment opportunities in respect to the ESG investment strategy and philosophy of the Firm.

As a member of the IC, the Head of ESG represents the ESG Committee at all IC meetings.

Our Responsible Investment Policy

For more information on our ESG philosophy, approach and governance, see Fremman’s Responsible Investment Policy.

Fremman Responsible Investment Policy

Our Sustainability Report

Fremman Sustainability Report